Neon Tiger – Character Aesthetics!

With the PitchWars submission window fast approaching (three days, everyone!), I’ve been trying to distract myself with various character-related things. Instead of finishing my homework for my class, I made aesthetic boars for my two main characters. Kind of like what you’d see on Tumblr.


selene aesthetic.png
This is Selene’s. She’s our main character and our POV character. She’s gorgeous, flirty, and fashionable and doesn’t care who knows it.

Next up is Wolf, the other main character and Selene’s love interest:

wolf aesthetic.png
This is Wolf’s, our other main character and Selene’s love interest. Wolf is a badass plain and simple. He takes no shit and suffers no fools.

I haven’t made boards for the other characters (there are quite a few of them), but I hope you enjoyed these! They were so much fun to make. If you need me, I’ll be over in a corner freaking out about the possibility of being chosen as a mentee.

Anxiously yours,

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