So you didn’t get into Pitch Wars…

Good news: I didn’t either!

If you’re at all active on Twitter and were somehow involved in the Pitch Wars community there, you’ve probably seen all my tweets along with the copious amount of Spongebob gifs accompanying them. I was really active in the Pitch Wars tag and I don’t regret it one bit. Making friends and networking is a huge part of the Pitch Wars process! After all, maybe the real Pitch Wars were the friends we made along the way…

Anyway, let’s get down to it, shall we?

I submitted to Pitch Wars 2019, and despite getting two full requests from mentors, I didn’t get picked.

Was I sad about it the night mentees were announced? Hell yeah, I was. I cried about it for awhile, then fell asleep soon after because I was so exhausted from crying. Rejection sucks no matter what. It feels bad and it’s probably always going to feel varying levels of bad because that’s our curse as human beings. We don’t like being rejected for things


This is not my first time being rejected for a writing-related thing. It won’t be the last. See, I’ve been in the querying game for awhile and I’ve queried and shelved three different books now with no success to show for it. A few close calls? Certainly. Just not the YES I was hoping for.

It sucks.

Not being picked for Pitch Wars sucks, too.

Is it the end of my writing career? Absolutely not. It isn’t the end of yours, either.

Allow yourself to feel however you want to feel about it. Be angry, be jealousl, be sad, but try your best not to let those feelings take over your life. Remember, this is just one path to publication. Is it a great way to pull yourself out of the slush pile and get your foot in agents’ doors? Yeah.

But it isn’t the only way.

I know everyone is saying that and you’re probably tired of hearing it, but it’s the truth.


My submission is currently out with a couple of agents right now. Who knows, maybe one of them could be my YES. Maybe not. The point is this: Please don’t quit. Please don’t be like me and throw in the towel when things get hard. I have a nasty habit of doing that, but I’m not going to this time. Find friends, find critique partners, find anyone who understands just how hard this writing thing is.

(Special shoutout to Linh Pham and Anna Read for reaching out to me after the announcements were made, you’re both the best and your support has made me feel a lot better about this whole process!)

Writing is so lonely and I didn’t realize how lonely it was until I threw myself into the #PitchWars community.

I’ve loved getting to know all of you through your tweets and I sincerely can’t wait to see where we all go next.

Not getting picked is hard. But it isn’t the end of my journey. It isn’t the end of yours, either.

Let’s hug our pets and keep going.

Keanu Reeves wouldn’t want you to give up and NEITHER DO I.

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