Query Hell: Neon Tiger Stats

Querying is the worst. I’ve queried three books now and the process never gets any less terrible Before entering MIDNIGHT AT THE NEON TIGER in Pitch Wars, I had queried the novel briefly just to test the proverbial waters.

I wanted to talk about my results here.

Here are my stats according to QueryTracker, which I use religiously:


As you can see from my poorly cropped screenshot, I have sent out 27 queries for NEON TIGER, four of them resulting in requests, six still out with agents, and seventeen rejections. If you’re new to querying, don’t let these numbers scare you. This is an extremely small sample size. Don’t reconsider your query until you’ve sent at LEAST 50. At least. Then again, I’m not published or agented, so what do I know?

Of my four requests, two have been rejections while the two others are still out with agents.

This is probably the most luck with a query I’ve had right off the bat.

Anyway, I hope this post was insightful or at least kind of interesting! NEON TIGER is not dead in the water by any stretch, Hopefully you’ll see it on shelves someday.

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