The VHL Book

Since getting out of the hospital, I’ve spent a lot of time at home resting, reading, and writing. Yes, that’s right. Writing.

I’ve started a new book! It’s simply codenamed The VHL Book for now. It’s an Upper YA contemporary novel about a young woman who has VHL, among other things, following her life as she forgoes college and tries to get her life back in order after surgery. The main character is a lot like me, except that she isn’t. Von Hippel Lindau isn’t the only thing she deals with throughout the course of the novel, but it’s a major part.

I’ve made a lot of headway in the first draft thus far. The book sits at 18k in two weeks! It’s a great start.

And weirdly therapeutic.

I spent so much time in the hospital hearing “I had to Google what VHL was” from so many people. Especially nurses and a few doctors. I appreciate their efforts, but if this book can shed some light on VHL, it’s definitely something I want to do.

Be on the lookout for more!



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