A Health Update

Hello, everyone.

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

It’s been even LONGER since I talked about my surgery, which you can find a post about on this very blog. The reason why I haven’t been posting, however, isn’t because my life has gone haywire yet again. It’s because my life is finally returning to some semblance of normal. Isn’t that exciting? For a person with a chronic disease, it is!

Anyway, let me list some facts for you:

  • As of December 30th, 2019, my stitches have come out! That’s right, you heard it here first, my incision has healed enough for my stitches to leave!
  • As of January 6th, 2020, I’ve been back to work full time! It’s great!
  • I still get tired pretty easily but that’s a baseline for me
  • In terms of surgery-related symptoms, I’m fine!

I go back for another MRi in March to see if my swelling has gone down like it’s supposed to. My doctor didn’t want to do a scan right away due to the swelling that could potentially be there now BECAUSE of the surgery.

Either way, I feel pretty good.

I should get back to writing my VHL book now. 🙂


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