Query Hell (Again): Author Mentor Match Edition

You may be looking at this post like, hey, I thought you’d already queried before? What’s going on?

Yes, dear reader. I have queried NEON TIGER before. Decently, I might add. I queried about 30 agents during my first round (about a year ago at this point!) and garnered four full requests (3 of which were rejections and the other is an interesting story), while the rest of form rejections. It’s fine. It happens. This is not the first time I have queried a book, and while I’m hoping it;s the last time (for awhile), I am no stranger to this process. I’ve queried three separate novels, even, and while some have resulted in some near misses, none of my books have ever been THE ONE.

None of my books have been NEON TIGER, either. I also have Author Mentor Match behind me this time, and the help of a wonderful mentor to guide me through this process.

And so…

We have made it to QUERY HELL 2, 2 QUERY 2 HELL, QUERY HELL: TOKYO DRIFT, etc.

As of today, July 7th, 2020, I have sent out a total of six queries. I started querying on the second of July, right before the holiday weekend, which was silly of me. But I couldn’t wait and wanted my query letter sent out NOW. So that’s what I did.

My mentor and I decided against sending out big batches of queries, so six is all I’m willing to send right now until I get some responses.

Querying is hard and emotionally draining. Oftentimes, it just sucks. A lot. No one likes querying. No one likes checking their email every five minutes.  But we do it anyway because this is how traditional publishing works.


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