Favorite K-pop Title Tracks of 2020 (Boy Groups/Soloists Edition)

Insert clever complaining about 2020 here. You’ve read it all before and I don’t feel like repeating myself.

Let’s get to the real reason why we’re here: K-pop. I listen to so much K-pop it’s almost a problem. I just love good pop music, and the Korean idol system DELIVERS. Being the massive fan I am, here are my top 10 favorite title tracks of the year…Boy Group Edition. Girl groups deserve their own post!

We’ll start from 10 (being my “least favorite”) and count down to 1 (my favorite0. Here we go:

10. “Knock” by ASTRO

ASTRO is one of my favorite groups. I don’t talk about them as much as I should, but it’s true. I love ASTRO. My biases are Eunwoo and Rocky. And “Knock” is definitely one of my favorite title tracks of the year. I still listen to it even now and can’t get the KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK part out of my head. Begging for an ASTRO comeback soon.

9. “Inception” by ATEEZ

Now, I’ve been stanning ATEEZ since debut. I’ve been obsessed ever since I heard “Pirate King” and I truly think these guys are the future of K-pop. “Inception” is one of the most earnest and raw expressions of longing I’ve ever heard. EVERY DAY AND NIGHT I’M GON’ CHASE YOUUUUUUU. So good.

8. “Mayday” by VICTON

“Mayday” is the first song I ever heard from VICTON and it make quite the impression. I love love the kinda creepy goth-boy feel of the song and I especially love Hanse, who has been crowned as my VICTON bias. The opening line, “Losing all my sleep on you,” is kind of iconic.

7, “Love Killa” by MONSTA X

I had to choose between this and “Fantasia,” and I chose this. Even though I love both. “Love Killa” has red suits and mobster boy imagery so of course it won for me. And it has Changkyun’s ICONIC LINE, “I want you to eat me like a main dish.” Lordy. The costuming, the set design, the song itself, everything about this comeback was so damn good. And I LOVE the point choreo in the chorus where it looks like they’re shadow-boxing. Hyungwon and Shownu owned that move.

6. “Turn Back Time” by WayV

I know what you’re thinking. WayV is one of my ult groups, so why aren’t they higher on the list? Honestly, I kinda forgot this comeback happened because SM sucks and pretends WayV doesn’t exist. Even so, I loved “Turn Back Time” and the little head dance they do during the choreo? Iconique. Ten’s hair is also legendary. STOP. REWIND. TURN. BACK TIME.

5. “Candy” by BAEKHYUN

WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO top 5! Anyway, yes, here we are. Baekhyun. “Candy.” Baek is easily one of my favorite solo artists right now and his voice might be my favorite in K-pop as a whole. I loooove “UN Village” and I love “Candy” all the same. The fact that Baekhyun busted out some choreo for this one just makes it better. GIRL I’M YOUR CANDY.

4. “Criminal” by TAEMIN

Taemin is my god so it’s been really difficult figuring out where to place him. Every title track he releases is absolutely superb and :”Criminal” is no exception. The song is perfect. The lyrics are perfect. Taemin’s voice is perfect. The STYLING IN THE MV IS PERFECT. THE EYEPATCH? I swear, my sexuality can be defined as that one moment in the MV where Taemin takes that ribbon off with his teeth. Masterful.

3. “Where the Sea Sleeps” by Even of Day (Day6)

You knew this was coming. If you know anything about me at all, you know that I’m obsessed with Day6. I was pretty devastated when JYPE announced they were going on a mental health hiatus, but then Even of Day (a unit group with Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon) happened and I was like OH HELL YES. The Book of Us: Gluon is definitely an experimental kind of synthwave album and I’m here for it. I have a signed copy and everything. “Where the Sea Sleeps” is a gorgeous song, and so very heartfelt. Young K knocked it out of the park with the lyrics like he always does. And that BRIDGE? THE BRIDGE???? Best bridge ever.

2. “Idea” by TAEMIN

Look, I was gonna try and not have any repeats on this list, but it’s Taemin, so I will not apologize. “Idea” makes me lose my damn mind. The dramatic drop with all the strings in the background? The crazy chorus? THE DANCING? THE DANCE BREAK NEAR THE END? Perfection. This is Taemin’s planet and we’re just living in it. There’s a reason he’s the idol’s idol. And it’s because of songs like “idea.”

1. “Zombie” by Day6

This comes as a surprise to no one, but “Zombie” by Day6 is my favorite title track of the year from all the boy groups in all of K-pop. “Zombie” is what made me start stanning Day6. It’s a beautiful song, and the lyrics are impactful in both Korean and English. Both versions of the song are immaculate, emotional and raw. The English version in particular hits home for me, as a native English speaker. The lyrics are somehow even sadder. Everyone in the band sings their hearts out with this one And it is so, so good.

I’m including both versions of the song as they’re equally as good:

And that’s all there is, folks. 2020 has been a terrible year but at least we’ve had some amazing K-pop releases to make up for it.


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