Favorite K-pop Title Tracks of 2020 (Girl Groups/Soloists Edition)

Here we are again, friends. The second part of my Favorite K-pop Title Tracks of 2020 list. This time, with more girl groups. If you want to read my boy groups post, you can click here.

If you pay attention to K-pop beyond BTS or Blackpink, you probably know that 2020 was THE year for girl groups. They came to win and win they did. This list was difficult to make, but without further ado, here are my top ten title tracks of 2020, girl group edition, measured from “least favorite” (they’re all good) to my favorite release of the year:


My favorite ITZY title track to date is “Icy,” and I don’t know if that’s an unpopular opinion or not, but it’s true. I still loved “Wannabe,” though even if it did take me a few listens to really get into the song. Ryujin’s shoulder move is iconic and the little hand motion the girls do when they sing I WANNA BE ME ME ME is something I still attempt to this day.


When I saw SM releasing yet another song called “Monster,” I was like, huh, this’ll be interesting. But then I saw the queens, Irene and Seulgi, doing it and I was like oh hell yes. I know this is going to be creepy and quirky and weird, and boy did these ladies deliver. I’M A LITTLE MONSTA indeed. I also loved the dance and the extremely gay imagery of the MV.


Since time isn’t real in 2020, I almost forgot this song came out this year. But it did, so it’s going on my list. LOONA is such an interesting group, and “So What” is no different. The song definitely surprised me when I first heard it, and I was taken aback by how wildly different it was from “Hi High,” which I also loved it. This video is bonkers and sonically, the sound is all over the place. Do I care? No. Is “So What” a banger? Yes.


“Stay Tonight” would have gotten a place on this list even if I didn’t like the song simply because of the VOGUING. Chungha really did that for us gays. Aside from the dancing, the song is brilliant and Chungha looks AMAZING in the video. Absolutely stunning, like always. I love the tone of her voice and she really flexes it here with “Stay Tonight.” The chorus gets me every time.


I don’t typically buy the hype with rookie groups. The only rookie group I’ve stanned since debut is ATEEZ. Stream Pirate King, everyone. Anyway, among the K-pop youtubers I watch, the name Stayc kept popping up. I was like, wait, is that a soloist? Who is this? Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Stayc was not a soloist, but a group. A shiny new rookie group with a debut song called “So Bad.” I gave it a listen and immediately fell in love. “So Bad” keeps with the 80s synthpop trend of this year and gives it a fresh, fun spin. PLus, the girl with the deep voice? J. An icon. Already.


If you’re not aware, DREAMCATCHER is my favorite group in K-pop. Like, period. Between boy groups and girl groups and all the soloists in between, DC reigns supreme. I love everything about them–their rock music, their concepts, the members themselves. Aside from the unfortunate name (seriously, their company needs to say something about it), DC is flawless to me. Enter “Boca.” I was so so excited for this comeback, and while the Latin elements threw me a little, the guitars in the chorus more than reoriented me in the rock sounds DC is known for. FYI, the Zombie Boca video the girls did for Halloween is AMAZING.


Moving right along with the 80s synthpop trend, here comes “I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE. Ever since “Fancy” dropped, I’ve been amazed at how smoothly the girls have transitioned from their cute concept to a more mature one. They never stray into stereotypical girlcrush, either, which I really appreciate. TWICE is truly in a league of their own. The chorus of “I Can’t Stop Me” is catchy as hell and Chaeyoung’s rap is constantly playing on repeat in my brain. WIGGY WIGGY WHISKEY WHISKEY THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.


Sunmi is my favorite female soloist in K-pop, bar none. She’s strange and weird, and much like Red Velvet, turns traditional femininity into something grotesque. There’s a layer of strangeness to all of her title tracks that I’ve come to deeply appreciate, from “Noir” to “Siren” to “Pporappippam.” This song carries on her tradition of 80s citypop, and I will never get tired of it. Sunmi is a true queen.


“Scream” might just be Dreamcatcher’s magnum opus. It is the perfect title track to a perfect full album (Dystopia: The Tree of Language). i fell in love with this song the second I heard it. Dami’s rap verses are amazing, Gahyeon’s rap verse is amazing, the vocals are amazing, the crunchy, muted guitar woven throughout the song is amazing. EVERYTHING ABOUT SCREAM IS AMAZING. SUA HAS A SWORD. WHAT MORE COULD BE POSSIBLY WANT? Also, the choreo??? The hand gesture they do with the devil horns? My favorite choreo moment of all time. OF ALL TIME.


I know, I can’t believe DC isn’t number 1, either. But, you know what? EVERGLOW deserves this number 1 spot. “LA DI DA” is my song of the year, no matter what the award shows think. It’s an immaculate song that I still listen to nearly every day. This is the 80s synthpop trend at its absolute finest. Everything about this song–this music video as a whole, from the Sin City references to the incredible choreo–is unmatched. EVERGLOW FOREVER LET’S GO…and make another song like “LA DI DA.”

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