How I Got My Agent, I Guess?

Well. Here we are. I literally never thought I'd be making this post because I just assumed this goal would forever be unattainable. I tend to write weird things. Things that could be marketable, yes, but you might have to squint at them a bit. I 'm most inspired by anime and video games and… Continue reading How I Got My Agent, I Guess?

It’s Dead, Jim: Querying in a “Dead” Genre

I don't even consider myself a Trekkie but I love a good meme. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about something that's been on my mind lately. Something that I've been experiencing myself as of late: Querying a book in a supposedly "dead" genre. For me, that genre has been YA sci-fi. Now, if you're… Continue reading It’s Dead, Jim: Querying in a “Dead” Genre

“But I Can’t Sell This!”: Marketability and Marginalization in Publishing

Before we begin, let me just say something: I am not a publishing professional. I am an aspiring novelist who is on the hunt for an agent. Might this blog post hurt my chances? I sure hope not! But if it does, oh well, because I'm writing it anyway. Anyway, let's talk about marginalization and… Continue reading “But I Can’t Sell This!”: Marketability and Marginalization in Publishing

Query Hell (Again): Author Mentor Match Edition

You may be looking at this post like, hey, I thought you'd already queried before? What's going on? Yes, dear reader. I¬†have queried NEON TIGER before. Decently, I might add. I queried about 30 agents during my first round (about a year ago at this point!) and garnered four full requests (3 of which were… Continue reading Query Hell (Again): Author Mentor Match Edition

Midnight at the Neon Tiger: A Story of Revisions, pt. 2

Wow. Look at us. Here again. In Revision Hell. But, ah, do you see that, too? IT'S THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. I'M FINALLY THERE. WE'RE FINALLY THERE. WE DID IT WOW! Okay, caps-lock over. This isn't a post about floundering in Revision Hell. It's about coming out on the other side,… Continue reading Midnight at the Neon Tiger: A Story of Revisions, pt. 2

Query Hell: Neon Tiger Stats

Querying is the worst. I've queried three books now and the process never gets any less terrible Before entering MIDNIGHT AT THE NEON TIGER in Pitch Wars, I had queried the novel briefly just to test the proverbial waters. I wanted to talk about my results here. Here are my stats according to QueryTracker, which… Continue reading Query Hell: Neon Tiger Stats

So you didn’t get into Pitch Wars…

Good news: I didn't either! If you're at all active on Twitter and were somehow involved in the Pitch Wars community there, you've probably seen all my tweets along with the copious amount of Spongebob gifs accompanying them. I was really active in the Pitch Wars tag and I don't regret it one bit. Making… Continue reading So you didn’t get into Pitch Wars…

I’ve Officially Submitted to Pitch Wars!

That's right, folks. I have submitted¬†MIDNIGHT AT THE NEON TIGER for Pitch Wars consideration. This is my first year submitting and I have no idea what to expect. I just know that I'm nervous and would be delighted to get picked. It's out of my hands now, though, and I have to let my work… Continue reading I’ve Officially Submitted to Pitch Wars!

My #PitchWars Submission Characters as K-Pop Songs

If you follow me on Twitter (if you don't, click here), then you'll know that in addition to being a writer, I'm also a huge K-pop fan. In an attempt to stave off PW-related anxiety, I decided to make a thread on Twitter of the characters in my manuscript as K-pop songs. I've decided to… Continue reading My #PitchWars Submission Characters as K-Pop Songs