QUESTION: Are you actually a published author?
ANSWER: No, not yet. Stay tuned.

QUESTION: Do you have an agent yet?
ANSWER: I do! Ernie Chiara of Fuse Literary. You can find him here.

QUESTION: How many books have you written?
ANSWER: Four from start to finish. I’ve queried three of them. None have worked out…YET.

QUESTION: What kind of books do you write?
ANSWER: The easy answer would be fantasy, but my recent manuscripts (and even the first one I wrote) tend to skew more…science-fantasy. My fantasies are hardly ever medieval and toe the line between contemporary fantasy and wacky cyberpunk fantasy. See: The Final Fantasy series.

QUESTION: Which K-pop groups do you stan?
ANSWER: Dreamcatcher, Day6, NCT, Astro, Monsta X, EXO, PIXY, Taemin, SHINee, Chungha, Sunmi, TWICE…to name a few.