“But I Can’t Sell This!”: Marketability and Marginalization in Publishing

Before we begin, let me just say something: I am not a publishing professional. I am an aspiring novelist who is on the hunt for an agent. Might this blog post hurt my chances? I sure hope not! But if it does, oh well, because I'm writing it anyway. Anyway, let's talk about marginalization and… Continue reading “But I Can’t Sell This!”: Marketability and Marginalization in Publishing

Query Hell: My Journey So Far

I've talked about querying before on this blog, posting a brief snapshot into my journey towards becoming a ~REAL LIFE PUBLISHED AUTHOR~. You see, dear readers, I am 26 years old and have queried three novels so far. None of them have panned out! I'm glad the first one didn't because it was a mess.… Continue reading Query Hell: My Journey So Far

“But this doesn’t NEED a romance!”: Why You’re Wrong

"Not every YA book NEEDS a romance!" is a typical refrain you'll see in book-related circles, be it on the internet or in real life. Inevitably, when a YA book focuses on romance, you'll always have someone going "SHE DIDN'T NEED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM!" Maybe not. Or maybe...she did. Note: I am… Continue reading “But this doesn’t NEED a romance!”: Why You’re Wrong

Query Hell: Neon Tiger Stats

Querying is the worst. I've queried three books now and the process never gets any less terrible Before entering MIDNIGHT AT THE NEON TIGER in Pitch Wars, I had queried the novel briefly just to test the proverbial waters. I wanted to talk about my results here. Here are my stats according to QueryTracker, which… Continue reading Query Hell: Neon Tiger Stats

So you didn’t get into Pitch Wars…

Good news: I didn't either! If you're at all active on Twitter and were somehow involved in the Pitch Wars community there, you've probably seen all my tweets along with the copious amount of Spongebob gifs accompanying them. I was really active in the Pitch Wars tag and I don't regret it one bit. Making… Continue reading So you didn’t get into Pitch Wars…

Not Your Crippled Girl: #OwnVoices Disabled Characters in YA Fiction

I'm disabled. In a lot of ways. More than what most people realize. I was born with cerebral palsy, and while it's mild and only affects my right leg, it took many surgeries and years of pain to correct my crooked legs into a shape fit for a semi-"normal" life. I remember having to learn… Continue reading Not Your Crippled Girl: #OwnVoices Disabled Characters in YA Fiction